How Does It Work?

Data Collection

First we collect data about new and upcoming mobile apps from around the web.

Review Text Analysis

We use machine learning to analyze the complete corpus of customer reviews text to find the most common complaints and praises for each mobile app.

Social Media Discussions

Finally we monitor some of the largest social networks on the web to track how often each mobile app might be mentioned in conversations.

Latest Posts

Reasons You Should Not Implement a Pull-to-Refresh UI in Your iPhone App
When first introduced, the “pull-to-refresh” UI in iPhone applications was a new intuitive gesture of the refresh technology. Originally brought into the communications tech industry by Loren Brichter in the tweetie app as an organically discoverable feature, it quickly gained popularity among iPhone UI designers. This was mainly because in tweetie it was actually an extended function of an already commonly used gesture.Read More →
How to Monetize a Free iPhone App
With more than 500,000 applications being developed for the App Store, iPhone apps have morphed into a huge business. Although there are definitely a lot of paid apps, you don’t have to charge for your app in order to generate money. Some of the most successful apps of all-time have been free, and their developers have made plenty of money off of them. For example, the Facebook application, Dropbox, and Skype are some examples of very successful apps that were given away for free in the App Store.Read More →
Tips for Outsourcing iPhone App Development
What to Look For in an iOS Developer It’s critical that you find a developer who’s had direct experience building iPhone apps in the past. Hire someone that has a good track record and can demonstrate their knowledge and show examples of previous apps they have built.Read More →
Learning How to Become an iOS Programmer
So you really want to learn to develop iOS applications on your own, huh? I fully support your decision and the goal of part 4 to The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating an iPhone App (this section) is to provide you with a strong push in the right direction. You know by now that it’s going to take some time, but if you put in the hours to learn, it will pay off exponentially.Read More →
How to Create an iPhone App: The Complete Beginner’s Guide – Part 3
Outsourcing Your Design If you’re not the artistic type, you can hire a designer to handle the creative direction. This can include color schemes and fonts, creating your logo, any additional graphics or artwork, your icons, and any custom navigation items. As your designer completes each element, he or she can send them back to you if you’re doing your own development, or if you’re taking on the project manager role, you can review and send them off to your outsourced developer for implementation.Read More →